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SX8800 series Professional Music-On-Hold adapter / player/ recorder :

The SX8800 series contains new and professional devices designed to provide the ultimate messaging on hold solution and music on hold applications for regular 1 to 4 line telephones or key system phones. The SX8800 series is available for purchase in 9 models:

These are SX8800-P, SX8800-2L, SX8800-4L, SX8800-2LP, SX8800-4LP, SX8800-2LP-AA , SX88004LP-AA, SX8800-2LP-AAG and SX88004LP-AAG

If you have a KSU or PBX phone system with a main control box (brain) and it has a "MOH" port then all you need is SX8800-P. Examples of these types include telephone systems like Nortstar, Avaya, Toshiba, and etc.

If you have regular 1 to 4 line phones such as the phones sold off the shelf in consumer electronics stores (a sample list of telephone models is provided further down) then you need the "All-In-One" models like SX8800-2LP (up to 2 phone lines/ as many telephones) or SX8800-4LP (up to 4 phone lines/ as many telephones). These "All-In-One" models are easy "30 second install" models with built-in USB/SD card player and are ready to play right out of box.

If you want the device to not only provide music/message on hold but to also answer the calls for you automatically when you are busy to then place them on hold, then the "All-In-One" with "auto answer" models like SX8800-2LP-AA (up to 2 phone lines/ as many telephones) or SX8800-4LP-AA (up to 4 phone lines/ as many telephones) are the best choice. Models SX8800-2LP-AAG, SX8800-4LP-AAG play a greeting file first then take the calls to place them on hold and also provide reminder ring backs.

There are also the "adapter only" models like SX8800-2L (up to 2 phone lines/ as many telephones) or SX8800-4L (up to 4 phone lines/ as many telephones); You need to use your own audio player like a radio, CD player, Ipod, mp3 player device, PC, etc. with these adapter only models (the proper audio cord is included).

The new models Call Manager-2L and Call Manager-4L provide automatic “Call Manager” functions. They are compatible with standard off the shelf 1, 2 or 4 line telephones so called NON KSU & the multi line PBX or KSU phones with a brain. These models provide an answering service, play a greeting to callers, then keep the calls in a pleasant "on hold" mode with professional audio messages playing until you can handle the call, while utilizing a greeting.mp3 file and On-Hold.mp3 file. These models also provide distinctive ringing and reminder ring backs. The Call Manager-2L and Call Manager-4L models do not provide Music on hold functions after you take the calls and place the callers on hold.


MODEL Operation Telephone types supported
SX8800-P Digital Player KSU or PBX phones like Avaya, Toshiba,....



Digital Player and Adapter Non KSU phones, regular 1-4 line phones, like ATT 964, ATT983, 1080, RCA 25415RE3, etc...

SX8800-2LP-AA or 4LPAA

SX8800-2LP-AAG or 4LP-AAG

Call Manager-2L or -4L


Digital Player and Adapter with "Auto Answer" function

Digital Player and Adapter with "Auto Answer" function and Greeting

Call Manager Machine with "Auto Answer" function and Greeting

Any phone system KSU or regular 1-4 line phones


SX8800-2L or -4L


Adapter only Regular 1-4 line phones, you need to provide the Radio, CD player, etc.

Pictures: SX8800-4L Adapter Front picture     SX8800-4L Adapter Back picture    SX8800-P Player Front picture    SX8800-P Player Back picture

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SX8800 series provide outstanding audio quality and ease of update-ability using latest technology USB interface and SD (secure digital) cards. The SX8800 has integrated Adapter/Controller support for up to 4 lines when used with standard Non KSU type phones. It activates via Hold or Flash button on any phone and requires no attachments to the phone and it is not phone model specific. The SX8800 even works on cordless phones just by pressing the Hold button and supports as many telephones as the you may have

The SX8800 can update it’s SD card memory content via email by connecting it to any PC USB connector and simply "drag & drop" or "copy/paste" the MP3 file. For users less computer savvy or with no email access, a SD card can always be mailed to the consumer.

SX8800 provides an easy to use, easy to update, fast turnaround and complete solution in message on hold applications for the regular analog telephones, standard 1-4 line phones, cordless phones or phone systems with a main KSU.

SX8800 series are ideal for any size business from Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) with standard 1-4 line phones to large phone systems with over 100 stations.

Auto Answer Functions:

You or your staff are on a call, another line rings? what do you do?

Option 1 - let it ring and go to voice mail or answering machine. ----- not a good image for your company! caller may not leave a message and you may loose some business!

Option 2 - place the current call on hold and answer the ringing line, then put it on hold and go back to your call ---- could be interruption on current call, may not complete the task on hand, cause stress on the ringing lines, may loose some business. Your image will be OK if you have at least one of the Music/message on Hold models.

Option 3- let the the "Auto Answer" model take the call and give the caller a professional Greeting 1st ( -AAG versions) or take the caller to a professional "thank you for holding ...." (-AA versions) ... This is the best image you can put out there for your customers, eliminating stress on the current call you are handling, then put that call on hold (with on hold music/message) when you get a chance and answer the other calls.

Models SX8800-2LP-AA, SX8800-4LP-AA, SX8800-2LP-AAG and SX8800-4LP-AAG have the "Automatic Answering" capability, that if enabled allows the device to answer any ringing line and taking the calls to "music/message on hold" until you are able to handle the call. This should not be be mistaken with an answering machine function or a voice mail function where the calls are answered but not managed.

An answering machine or a voice mail lets the callers to leave a message only, in contrast our models do not take any message, and instead answer the calls and move the calls to a pleasant "music on hold environment". Studies show most callers do not like to leave a message when calling BUT they do not mind staying on hold a few minutes longer to be connected to a live representative!

These models have the call handling /managing capability. This means the models can re-ring the phones periodically (Verizon, Verizon FIOS or Vonage service required) or fastly flashes its LED lights to visually indicate the calls that are waiting to be answered by a representative. Both the number of the rings to answer the ringing lines and period of time to hold the calls in music on hold state until you are able to answer the calls can be programmed into the device easily, from 1 to 4 rings and from 3 to 30 minutes. By setting the number of rings on the SX8800 to be less than the number of rings on your voice mail or answering machine, you can ensure that those machines can still take a message if needed. By turning the "Auto Answer" OFF easily via a slide switch on the unit, you can allow after hours messages to be placed into your existing answering machine or voice mail.

Once the calls are answered by you, the SX8800 transfers the calls to your telephone, and now you can place them on hold as often and as long as you need with no limit and the SX8800 still provides the music on hold function when ever the calls are on Hold.

Models SX8800-2LP-AAG and SX8800-4LP-AAG also have a greeting function, meaning they will play a greeting first . A greeting example could be : Thank you for calling ABC company. Our hours are 9-5pm...please hold on for the next available representative! After answering the call with a greeting they place the call on hold. These models also provide reminder re-rings for any phone service provider (Verizon, Verizon FIOS, Vonage, AT&T and all others) with distinctive ring patterns so you can tell which line is waiting to be answered from the ring pattern alone.

Benefits of Auto Answer function:

The "Auto Answer" or auto attendant function is like an extra hand or secretary acting as a "Call Manager" to remove the ringing stress brought on when lines are ringing, By allowing the device to answer the calls at a pre specified number of rings or at a specific line like L3-L4 , you provide a means to handle the overflow calls more efficiently.

Another benefit of "Auto Answer" or auto attendant is the good Image it projects upon your company, Since the customers have already heard a greeting in a professional format with a clear male or female voice (or possibly your own custom .MP3 message if you have loaded one into the SD card), then upon answering the line you can simply answer with your name instead of a long introduction. The introduction was already provided in the on hold greeting or message played for them while holding!

Another benefit of the "Auto Answer" function is to target unwanted "telemarketer calls zapping". This is a feature that is beneficial and works because the SX8800 device holds the line internally while sending a signal to the line, the telemarketer equipment then will hang up before the device will re-ring you.

The Auto Answer function is similar to an "auto pilot" function in a airplane-you may turn it OFF just by simply sliding switch in front of the SX8800 and then proceed to answer all the calls live and use the device just as a "music/message on hold" device. Other options are to turn the "auto answer" ON and still answer the calls live yourself and in that case the device immediately removes the call from music on hold and connects it to you immediately. You may also set the number of rings to 4 rings for example and answer the calls yourself, but if you cannot answer a ringing line because you were on another line and just could not interrupt the customer, then the SX8800 answers that ringing line for you and takes it to "music on hold" mode automatically until you are able to handle that call.


Music On Hold Adapter/Controller functions:

  • Provides Music-On-Hold function on all the telephones and extensions up to 4 lines and up to 50 telephones or more
  • Activates using the telephones HOLD button or Flash button
  • Supports via the HOLD button (or Flash -Hold as specified) most models of regular standard telephones such as:

    AT&T: 21070, 262, 272, 412, 422, 4952, 612, 622, 712, 722, 732, 742, 752, 812, 822, 830, 832, 842, 843, 853, 854, 874, 902, 912, 922, 944, 945, 952, 953, 954, 955, 962, 972, 964, 982, 992, 993, SIGNATURE, FT483, FT484, (974, 984, 1040, 1070, 1080 via Flash -Hold) , 90240, 90529, 90889, 2462, E2562, E2662, EP5962, ML17929, 993

  • Brother Quatro: 412

    Bell: 223, 232, 259, 261, 268, 367, 470, 52905, Sonecor 412, 412CID, 4900, BE5200, BE5300, Techline 420

    Casio: SI460, SA400, plus all other Casio Models

    Cortelco: 2720, 2740, 4125, 412541TP127S, TP127S, plus all other Cortelco models

    Epic: ET4000

    Execufone: ITC-420, 420i

    GE: 187, 2-9315-A, 2-9318, 2-9435-A -B -C, 2-9436-A, 2-9438-A, 2-9450-A -B -C -D -E -F, 2-9439-A to -EGL, 2-9451A, 2-9481, 2-9487GE2-A, 2-9488, 2-9638-A, 2-9975, 2-9488GE2-A, GE 2-9638-A, GE 2-9975, GE 25403, GE 25404, plus all other GE models

    Pac Bell: 261, FE5350

IBM: 412, 412CID, 4900

Northern Telecom: Unity

Phonemate: PMG-4600, PMG-2400, plus other models

Panasonic: All models listed here via Flash-hold:   KX-T3110, 3120, 3122, 3135, 3145, 3155, 3160, 3165, 3170, 3175, 3280, 3980-H, 3980-R7, 3981, KX-TC930, KX-TS20, KX-TS21, KX-TS25, KX-TS27, KX-TS208, VA-8400, KX-T3110, KX-T3120, KX-T3122, KX-T3135, KX-T3145, KX-T3155,
KX-T3160, KX-T3165, KX-T3170, KX-T3175, KX-T3280, KX-T3281, KX-T3980-H,
KX-T3980-R7, KX-T3981, KX-TC930, KX-TG2000, KX-TG2720, KX-TG2730, KX-TG2740,
KX-TG4000, KXTG4000B, KXTG2000B, KX-TG4500, KX-TG5480, KX-TG6500, KX-TG6502, KX-TG6700, KX-TG6702,
KX-TG650, KX-TGA200, KX-TGA400, KX-TGA420, KX-TGA650, KX-TGA670, KX-TS20,
KX-TS21, KX-TS25, KX-TS27, KX-TS208, KX-TS3282, KX-TS4100, KX-TS4200,
KX-TS4300, VA-8400, PQLV30024ZB, plus all other Panasonic models

Qwest: NSQ412

Radio Shack: 206, 208, 209, 210, 212, 411, 412, 612, 43-373D, 43-430, 43-642, ET-180, 43-470, ET-184, ET-192, ET-193, 43-622, 43-469 , 1710, 1753, plus all other Radio shack models

RCA: 25403 RCA, 25404RE3A (4 line no beeps), 25413RE3, 25414RE3A, 25415RE3A, H5400RE3 (works via Hold on cordless station as well), 25423, RCA 25424, RCA 25425, RCA 25450, plus all other RCA models

Sony: IT-M804

SBC: 2105, 4000, SBC 2105, SBC 4000, SBC 410, SBC 420

Southwestern Bell: FT325, FT360, FT365BL FT383, FT412, FT483, FT484

Sprint/Radio Shack: SP-702 / 43-5702, SP-705

Starplus II: HAC2605, HAC2606

TMC: ET4000

TT Systems: 4012, 412, 412CID, 4900, 4300, 5100, 5200, 5300, 7993

Uniden: UB-420, Uniden 420

Verizon: NSQ412

Vtech: 4121


Simple installation: Just connects to wall jacks or connects to one of the phones only!


  • Superior sound quality with built-in digital player/repeater/recorder
  • Accepts virtually any audio source as well, such as: other digital player, Radio, CD player, PC sound card , etc.
  • Compatible with corded or cordless telephones in an office
  • Compatible with features such as caller ID, call waiting, 3 way calling, centrex lines, call hunting, call rotary, and answering machines etc. (please note: in call waiting provides music on hold for one call)
  • Provides RCA or 3.5 mm audio input and RCA output jacks
  • Dual function allows just "digital player/recorder" function or just an phone adapter/controller or both
  • Provides audio test functions.
  • Provides Back ground music option
  • Provides customized configuration settings via 2 simple 3 position slide switch
  • Package contents: SX8800 player or "all-In-One" device or adapter, phone cords, audio cords, AC adapter , Manual, Warranty

The audio program can be loaded into the SX8800 in several simple ways:

  • Card Load - by inserting a new SD card
  • Card update - by connecting the unit itself with it's SD card in place to any PC/MAC USB port and performing a simple "copy/paste" into the stamp sized re-record-able SD card ( a pre-recorded card with “thank you for holding…” and Royalty Free music by professional male and female voice artist talents is included)
  • SD card update - by removing the SD card and inserting it into any PC/MAC SD card slot or to a USB port via a "USB to SD card adapter" and performing a simple "copy/paste"

The SX8800 player/recorder is the most flexible and easy to use player of its kind, with a list of latest technology features not found in other players, these include:

  • Dual Banks - there are 2 Banks to play/record into which allows a second bank to hold recordings for “Holidays”, “special” sales/events, etc. a switch on the SX8800 controls this function. Using this switch the SX8800 instantly starts its playback from the 2nd bank. It makes it so easy and convenient during the “holiday times” or anytime a different playback is needed.
  • Zero moving parts - 100% digital with no built-in CD or cassette player to wear and tear
  • Zero power storage - messages and music are retained all the time in power outage, playback automatically resumes when power is restored
  • All-solid-state design - no mechanical moving parts at all
  • Consistent audio output with absolutely no degradation in the sound quality throughout the product’s life
  • Highest level audio quality and fully maintenance free
  • up to 256 hours of audio recording capability per SD card up to 99 tracks
  • Audio volume control with 20 watts of power
  • USB 2.0/1.0 port , SD card slot
  • External audio input for "live" audio or XM satellite input
  • Volume, Tone and Bass boost controls
  • Built-in Speaker to monitor the audio with ON/OFF switch
  • Attractive design enclosure with wall mounting capability via keyholes
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA in high quality ISO 9002 factory

User controls on SX8800 series: (some models do not have all the controls listed)

  • Bank select slide switch Bank1 - Bank2
  • separate 8 ohm and 600 ohm RCA jack for out put
  • Volume control potentiometer with center tab
  • Tone control and bass boost switch
  • Audio In jack 3.5mm
  • 3 position slide switches for standard telephones configuration setting
  • Telephone jacks
  • LED status lights for MP3 playback or recording indication
  • LED status lights to indicate lines in use or on Hold
  • Isolated Audio Input RCA jack
  • SD/EXT slide switch
  • Speaker ON-OFF switch
  • SD card slot
  • USB connection cable
  • 12VDC jack

Items included with SX8800:

  • SX8800 digital player/recorder - ready to play out of box
  • AC power adapter 110V/240V to 12VDC 250-1000ma
  • SD card 32MB or higher, pre-loaded with both Royalty Free "Holiday message" and Royalty Free "Thank you for Holding messages.."
  • USB cable and any needed audio cord
  • 2 RJ14 phone cords
  • User’s manual

Optional items available for SX8800:

  • Extra SD cards
  • USB microphone and CD software to create user audio productions
  • Custom production - with professional voice talents by network message on hold organizations specialized in the business - Royalty Free - pre-loaded in ready to play SD card or provided by MP3 files via email for easy updating.

manual for SX88004LP, SX8800-2LP

manual for SX88004L, SX8800-2L

manual for SX8800-P

manual for SX88004LP-AA, SX8800-2LP-AA

manual for SX88004LP-AAG, SX8800-2LP-AAG

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