Advantages of AudioImage™ series music on hold

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  • Handset attachment: Other products require a handset attachment on every phone (they do not want you to know this upfront - see the above picture)
  • Inconvenience: the attachment gets in the way (it can get damaged being banged around all day)
  • Extra cost: other products come with 2 handset attachment so with just 6 phones you need 4 extra attachments ($80 more plus shipping)
Handset attachment has many issues:
  1. Does not work with cordless phones: unless you wear a headset or willing to press * touch tone twice before you can press Hold button.
  2. Generates Hum: the attachment uses some of the power in the handset to emit a constant 3.7KHz hum on your conversation, you may need to make adjustments to the attachment with a provided screw driver! - However this adjustment is subject to your hearing range and your customer hearing range which may be different can hear the hum!
  3. Hold Music can be shut off by your customer!! if your customer presses star * touch tone by mistake, the hold music is turned off ; customer may hang up if Hold music is gone.
  4. Disrupts your sound: your normal conversation sound is effected due to existence of an attachment on the microphone path.
  5. Speakerphone stops working: Hold music activates when trying to use speakerphone; you need to press star * to stop the Hold music but this will disable Music on Hold activation for the the rest of the call!!
  6. Erratic, unreliable operations on some phones- since the attachment takes its power from the handset of the phone.

Non use of attachment issues:

If you do not want to use the attachment then you have to use the star touch tone key to activate the music on Hold, not just Hold.

  • You have to press the star * touch tone key  twice before pressing Hold to turn ON the hold music.
  • You have to press the star * touch tone key once when you re-select the line to turn off the hold music
  • Both you and your caller will get an annoying audible pitch tone in the ear! (which is not good for your Image). and when you get back on that line you have to press the star touch tone again to stop the audio resulting in even more annoying pitch in your customer ear!


AudioImage Professional solutions  


SX8800-2LP, SX8800-4LP, SX8800-2LP-AAG, SX8800-4LP-AAG, ...

  • No handset attachment
  • No extra cost works up to 48 phones
  • Works via Hold or Flash button on any phone (regular or cordless or the portable extension)
  • No inconvenience since there is no attachments to a handset or anywhere else.
  • No Hum on your conversation, nothing to adjust. just plug and play and enjoy.
  • Hold Music can not be shutoff while on Hold by your customer.
  • No change in the normal conversation sound quality
  • Speakerphone works fine by itself or while on Hold
  • Reliable, smooth operations all the time.
  • No Star * activation to worry about.